The Worst Auto Insurance Advice We’ve Ever Heard

The Worst Auto Insurance Advice We’ve Ever Heard

09:06 28 January in Insurance, Personal

Shopping for auto insurance? If you’re looking for the best coverage for the best price it’s natural to turn to friends and family for advice on how to proceed. But how sure are you that you’re getting the right advice?

When it comes to buying car insurance, what you think you know can definitely hurt you. With that said, here is some of the worst advice we’ve ever heard about auto insurance.

  1. Worst Advice – You don’t need car insurance.

Not only is not having auto insurance a bad idea, it may also be illegal in your state. In fact, every state in the United States with the exception of Virginia and New Hampshire requires drivers to have car insurance. These states also set a minimum amount of coverage drivers must have to be legal on the road.

Better Advice – If you own a car, always get adequate car insurance in order to protect yourself from extreme financial loss and to comply with the laws in your state.

  1. Worst Advice – Get the lowest or cheapest level of coverage possible.

Everyone loves a good bargain and saving money, so getting the lowest amount of coverage or paying the lowest premiums may seem like a good idea at first. But as the old saying goes, you get what you pay for.

If you’re in an accident, having minimum coverage levels will cost you a lot more than you bargained for. You’ll end up paying thousands in out-of-pocket costs and may even be sued by the other party.

Better Advice – Do proper research to evaluate your vehicle insurance needs and get the level of coverage that makes the most sense for your situation (minimum state requirements, budget, etc.) that also gives you the greatest peace of mind every time you get behind the wheel.

  1. Worst Advice – Lie on your insurance application.

Lying on your car insurance application is not only considered fraud, but it can also cost you much more than you could ever imagine. It’s important to provide your insurance company with accurate information such as where you garage your vehicle, who drives it on a regular basis and if you utilize it for anything other than personal use.

Failing to disclose this information may lead to having your policy terminated, having much higher premiums or having your claim denied if you ever need to file one.

Better Advice – Always fill out your insurance application form as honestly as possible. Being truthful about your circumstances is the best way to get the right policy for your needs and to ensure that you don’t run into problems later on.


And the best advice we’ve ever heard? Work with a qualified insurance agent to create the ideal policy for your vehicle coverage at a price point you can afford.

Don’t run the risk of not having the coverage you need to hit the road with confidence and security. Call Ihry Insurance today and speak with one of our helpful agents to get a free auto insurance quote.

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