Why You Want Boat Insurance

boat insurance

Why You Want Boat Insurance

14:08 07 July in Insurance

As we embrace our 6 months of paradise, many of us will spend countless hours fishing, tubing, skiing, and begging for relaxing boat rides. As we embrace these memories and happily escape reality for the weekend, unfortunate things do happen. It’s crucial to understand that, just like your car, your boat is a vehicle vulnerable to unforeseen damage and the injury of those on it. Protect yourself, others, and your boat itself with a proper boat insurance policy.

Property Damage

Without proper boat insurance, you put yourself at unnecessary risk of losing your investment to negligent accidents or other unforeseen events. Whether a severe storm wreaks havoc, you accidentally collide with your dock, or someone decides to vandalise or steal your boat, boat insurance is necessary to recoup your repair costs or boat replacement.

Boat insurance will also cover all resulting expenses if an uninsured boat causes damage and injury to your boat and passengers.


Your boat isn’t the only thing that has the potential to take damage. As humans, we are attracted to negligence and mishaps. It’s just in our nature.

For example’s sake, let’s say you are presented with a large set of waves, produced by a passing boat. Naturally, you and your passengers view this as an opportunity to get a quick thrill. As your barrell through the waves, your friend loses their footing and slams into a part of your boat. Initially feeling fine, he or she later realizes they received whiplash from the event and now need medical attention. Without boat insurance, it is likely you will be held liable for all medical bills associated with the whiplash. With boat insurance, not only will all medical bills will be covered by your insurance provider, you will also avoid unwanted tension in your relationship with injured friend or family member.

This coverage will additionally cover expenses caused to other boats and its passengers.

When it comes to purchasing your boat insurance, it’s important to understand the flexibility of our plans. For example, if you feel confident that no one will be injured on your boat, but are concerned about possible structural damage to your boat, you are free to opt out of the liability coverage. Or vice versa. Depending on your needs and concerns, your Ihry Insurance partner will present several policy options, allowing you to make an informed decision.

As we discuss the importance of protecting your, your family/friends, and your boat, it is also important to discuss the protection of the lake itself. It’s our duty to protect the land we cherish. Here are some quick tips on keeping your cherished ecosystem clean and safe:

  • Leave the lake in the same condition as you found it. Keep close track of any and everything you bring on your boating adventures. When heading home, make sure you avoided leaving anything behind.
  • Always carry a spill kit. In case of an accident, gas and oil leaks can cause severe damage to a lake’s ecosystem. These spills can also be extremely costly to those responsible. This is just one more reason to purchase proper boat insurance.
  • Clean off your boat! You have probably seen countless “Aquatic Hitchhikers” billboards and signs throughout the lakes region. These signs are posted to annoy you. Just like disease or weeds are spread, the same can be said for noxious aquatic species. Taking the time to properly clean your boat prior to putting it in the water is crucial to the health and safety of each lake’s ecosystem

Often overlooked by boat owners, we strongly recommend protecting yourself with boat insurance. Going without is not a risk you should be willing to take.

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