Wedding Insurance

You met, you dated and got engaged. Now it’s time to plan what will likely be one of the most important days of your life.


But not so fast. Imagine one of the following scenarios happening to you:

  • The day before the wedding, the reception hall burns down.
  • The cake caterer is a no-show on the day of your ceremony.
  • Your luggage gets lost on the way to your honeymoon destination.


If any of these things were to occur, it would be catastrophic to your special day. However, having insurance is a simple way to make sure that your wedding and financial security aren’t ruined.


Want to know more about wedding insurance? Not sure which coverage options are available and which ones to include? Wondering if wedding insurance coverage costs a small fortune? What follows is information about wedding insurance, how you can use it to protect yourself from loss on the day of your nuptials and how much it costs.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance is a type of policy that safeguards a couples’ interests regarding money spent as they plan their wedding.


Until the wedding is over anything can go wrong with the invitations, venue, rentals, providers, flowers, food or any other aspect of the big day.


If an unexpected event happens that is outside of the couples’ control that could cause them to lose value on their investment, wedding insurance helps to provide an umbrella of protection and mitigate any financial losses.

Do you really need wedding insurance coverage?

At first, wedding insurance doesn’t seem like a necessary expense. Especially since a wedding only happens on a single day.


However, most weddings involve several different elements that are outside of the bride and groom’s control. Because of this, wedding insurance can be one of the smartest investments to protect yourself against loss.


On the other hand, full wedding insurance coverage may not be necessary if the vendors, suppliers and other agents involved in the production of your event are already fully covered under their own insurance policies.


To make sure that you are not left exposed to unnecessary risk, always ask everyone involved in the wedding planning process about the type and scope of insurance coverage they have. If it is necessary, only purchase wedding insurance for the areas where your vendors’ policies fall short.

What does wedding insurance cover?

Wedding insurance policies typically offer the following options, which are limited to a maximum level of coverage:

Wedding Location

Provides coverage in the event that the site of the wedding or reception becomes unusable for reasons such as last-minute cancellations, damage to the property or problems with the location’s utilities.

Weather Events

Covers the costs of rescheduling associated with poor weather conditions that prevent the wedding from happening.

Vendor Absence

Protects you from costs that arise if a critical vendor breaks their contract and does not show up on the day of the wedding.

Unavoidable Postponement

Covers instances where the bride or groom is unable to attend the wedding due to unavoidable circumstances such as sudden and permanent work-related relocation and the wedding must be postponed.

Illness and Injury

Provides coverage for anyone who is essential to the wedding such as the bride, groom or officiant in the event that they become sick or are injured on the day of the event.

Videography Coverage

This coverage offers protection against the loss of video capture related services on the day of the wedding and specifically if the wedding video becomes irreversibly damaged. In this case, the policy covers the cost of rectifying the situation as best as possible under the circumstances.

Photography Coverage

Covers the cost of hiring another photographer if the vendor that was booked does not show up. It also covers the costs associated with reshooting the photos if the images are lost or damaged before they are delivered to the couple.

Gift Protection

This type of coverage safeguards against the loss of wedding gifts due to damage or theft on the day of the wedding or during transit to you before or after the actual event. The coverage pays to replace or repair the gift, depending on the specifications of the policy, and is usually tied to the filing of a police report within a week of the loss incident.

Honeymoon Coverage

Covers mishaps that can cause financial loss during your honeymoon such as cancellations, delays and theft and provides general travel insurance.

Medical Coverage

Provides coverage for the medical care of wedding attendees who become ill or injured at your event due to a covered cause.

Personal Liability

Covers the cost of any third-party property damage, accident and bodily injury that occurs at the event.

Wedding Attire Coverage

Covers the damage and/or loss of wedding clothing and accessories worn by the bride and groom (dresses, tuxedo, etc.) and pays for their repair or replacement if necessary.

How much does wedding insurance cost?

Wedding insurance costs can vary widely depending on the specific details of the event, particularly the amount of money invested. Generally, the higher the cost of the wedding and the more expensive its elements, the higher the premium.


Another factor that determines how much you pay for your policy is the types of coverage that you want included. A basic policy may include items such as vendor deposits, photography and wedding rings. However, a more comprehensive policy with more coverage items attracts additional premium rates.


All things considered, wedding insurance is relatively inexpensive compared to the peace of mind and protection you get with having coverage.

Make sure your special day is protected

Your wedding day should be one you never forget, but for all the right reasons.


Having a well-crafted wedding insurance policy lets you move towards your special day with confidence and without risking the loss of any money spent towards the occasion.


Would you like to find out more about your wedding insurance options and get a free quote? Call Ihry Insurance today and speak with one of our knowledgeable agents to get the assistance you need.