The Benefits of ‘Going Local’ For Your Insurance

The Benefits of ‘Going Local’ For Your Insurance

13:50 28 June in Insurance

Shop Local. Eat Local. Drink Local. Think Local. Insure Local.

When it comes to buying insurance, we know how easy it is to get sucked into going directly through big-name national insurance companies, thanks to their clever marketing gimmicks. From cavemen to talking lizards, entertainment has distracted us from the importance having a close relationship with your insurance agent has.

There are really only one “benefit” to insuring directly through a nationally known company: it’s cheap.

  • You don’t have to talk to a human.

However, we believe this is the glaring weakness in big insurance and are deeply committed to building personal, transparent, and evolving relationships with each customer.

Let’s take a dive into the benefits of ‘going local’ for your insurance.

Personalized Service & Trust

*After 10 minutes of waiting on the phone…*, “Hi, can I get your account number?”.

Would you rather work with someone, over a phone, who only knows you by your account number or someone who actually knows YOU, your needs, and your preferences?

We are not only your advisor, but also your friend. We take the time to find out what keeps you up at night, and how to remove those fears from your life. A deep understanding of your current situation and future goals allows us to create a flexible, adaptive plan specific to you.

The best part? We can communicate in any setting. Want to sit down over lunch and tackle your life insurance? Maybe there is an urgent situation with your car accident claim and you need to call us and have it handled immediately.

The point is, you are a contact in our phone, not an account number on a computer.

Local Knowledge

Possessing a full understanding of the area we live in gives us an unmatched advantage over insurance companies who offer one-size-fits-all policies. This knowledge allows us to properly assess individual risks and anticipate changes over time.

For example, with homeowners insurance, we are able to customize your policy to deal with specific, localized factors. Some examples include:

  • Due to an influx of home renovations in the surrounding area, home values in your neighborhood may differ from what a big insurance company would know.
  • With severe storms and high winds prevalent in our area, ensuring you have hail and wind protection is crucial. An agent in California may not be aware of this.
  • Knowing whether or not your neighborhood is prone to flooding or pipe backups.

Remember, homeowners insurance is one example. This knowledge is versatile and useful for all insurance coverages.


When it comes to insurance, one-size-fits-all is not acceptable. We all possess different needs, visions, and preferences.

Where big companies are typically limited to ‘good’, ‘better’, or ‘best’ options, we have the major advantage of possessing access to a wide range of policies, all of which can be molded and tailored to you.

And as the nature of these policies change, we can work with you, in real-time, to reassemble your coverages and continually evolve your protection.


As we mentioned before, you are a contact in our phone, not 1 number, out of millions, in a computer.

This personal relationship allows us to truly be there whenever you need us. How often have you talked to 5 different people and by the end, nothing is accomplished and you aren’t even sure what action to take next? To make matters worse, the only people capable of informing you on what to do next are the exact people you just talked to.

With a local insurance agent, anything you need handled is handled immediately. This service is simply something big insurance can’t offer.

While choosing the big companies may seem the easy and convenient route, working with a local agent is a service that can’t be matched, both in the short and long term.