Share the road this harvest season

Share the road this harvest season

13:33 03 November in Crop, Insurance

Warm, dry weather in North Dakota and Minnesota is creating ideal conditions for harvest work this season and many farmers are expecting bumper crops. That means a lot of work for local farmers and a lot of ag equipment on the road.

Farmers and motorists need to exercise caution — and common sense — while sharing the road this season.

The Safety Lap

As days become shorter, it is important for farmers to remember to check headlights, tail lights, warning lights and other safety lighting and signage is working. While taking a quick lap around farm vehicles, it’s a good time to ensure all slow moving vehicle emblems are visible and clean.

On the road

There are many factors farmers need to consider when driving ag equipment on public roads. They are making sure loads are being hauled correctly, while also watching for traffic and avoiding road hazards, like potholes, which can put equipment at risk for overturning.

To increase travel safety, farmers can make sure to turn on their hazard lights, adjust mirrors as needed and consider avoiding high-traffic times.


Meanwhile, motorist can help keep roads safe by being aware of potential farm equipment on rural roads. Staying alert and slowing down can make a big difference, especially during harvest season. Farmers may be turning out of driveways onto the road and when navigating large loads, may not see each oncoming car, especially ones traveling at high speeds.

When passing farm vehicles, motorists should not only ensure they have enough room to pass, but also be cognizant of farm vehicles making turns on and off the road.

Taking these steps can help ease rural road travel during fall months and make the drive more enjoyable for all.