Our Essential Camping Hacks for 2016

Our Essential Camping Hacks for 2016

11:32 08 July in Personal

Camping has become more than just relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. As we venture out into the wilderness (Discover The Forest – Best resource for finding nearby campgrounds & parks), it is essential that we impress the ones around us with MacGyver type survival skills. These camping hacks will not only impress, but will make your camping experience, and those to come, far more enjoyable and memorable.

  1. Let There Be Light

Whether your lantern was broken or forgotten, fill your tent with ambient light by strapping a headlamp to, or facing a flashlight towards, a gallon jug of water. Although not a strong beam, this homespun lantern will give your tent some well needed light and a relaxing glow.

  1. Sharpen Your Fire Starting Skills

Make sure to add a pencil sharpener to your packing list. Use the sharpener to create shavings from twigs and branches. These shavings will act as the perfect kindling. If you are in a wet environment, corn chips, such as Doritos, make for great kindling.

  1. Herbal Deterrent

Release your inner shaman and ward off evil mosquitoes by infusing your campfire with sage leaves. Start small, as sage leaves can be very potent when burned.

  1. Cold Feet?

Even during the summer, cold nights can make camping uncomfortable and unsafe. Use the campfire to heat up some water and fill up your personal water bottle. Placing the bottle in the sleeping bag with you will help add some needed heat.

  1. It’s 5 o’clock Somewhere

Knowing when the sun will set can be crucial when roughing it in the wilderness. Even with a watch, it can be hard to determine exactly when darkness will hit. Simply hold out your hand, palm facing toward you, and at arm’s length. Keeping your fingers together, and horizontal to the horizon, count the number of fingers (sans thumb) between the horizon and the base of the sun. Each finger represents 15 minutes of sunlight. For example, 3 fingers equals 45 minutes until dark.


Although these hacks and tricks may come in handy during your camping adventures, it is essential to remember the importance of preparation. Always prepare for a camping trip as if it is your first time out. Understand your limits, let a family member know where you will be, and embrace the memories.