Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

Do I Need Wedding Insurance?

13:41 12 January in Insurance

We’re all adults here. As adults, we protect our health, our cars, our homes, and our families.

But what about the biggest day of our lives?

With the average wedding cost well into the 5 figure realm, it’s worth protecting yourself from the unpredictable nature of the wedding industry and the big day itself. Through our many years of providing couples with wedding insurance, we have seen a wide variety of unfortunate circumstance, including:

  • Venue catching fire days before the wedding
  • Severe illness of both bride and groom
  • DJ was a no-show
  • Wedding dress was lost on the plane


That being said, you are probably wondering what wedding insurance is and what is covers.

What is Wedding Insurance?

Simply put, wedding insurance protects you from unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances and reimburses you for the expenses incurred. And with basic coverage running anywhere from $150 to $550, it’s a no-brainer.

Imagine planning a winter wedding, only to have a winter storm make it impossible to reach and access the venue. Without wedding insurance, you would lose every penny. With the right coverage, you would be able to postpone the wedding and be reimbursed for all expenses – including non-refundable deposits.

What Does Wedding Insurance Cover

Venue issues, severe weather, entertainment cancellation, and sickness are among the major potential issues facing your wedding day. With this amount unpredictableness, let’s take a look at the most important areas of coverage:

  • Wedding Location: Provides coverage in the event that the site of the wedding or reception becomes unusable.
  • Weather Events: Covers the costs of rescheduling due to poor weather conditions that prevent the wedding from happening.
  • Vendor, Photography/Videography, and DJ Absence: Protects you from costs that arise if a critical service breaks their contract and does not show up on the day of the wedding.
  • Unavoidable Postponement. Covers instances where the bride or groom is unable to attend the wedding, due to unavoidable circumstances.
  • Illness or Injury. Provides coverage for anyone who is essential to the wedding such as the bride, groom or officiant in the event that they become sick or are injured on the day of the event.
  • Personal Liability. Covers the cost of any third-party property damage and bodily injury that occurs at the event.


Depending on your concerns, wedding insurance can also provide coverage for the honeymoon, wedding gifts, and attire (suits and dresses).

What wedding insurance doesn’t cover, includes:

  • Voluntary cancellation (i.e. bride or groom has change of heart)
  • Engagement rings

When Should I Secure Myself?

In order to ensure your protection, it is recommended that you obtain your insurance coverage as soon as you begin putting deposits down on your venue and vendors. We have dealt with cases in which vendors have dropped out just months after signing, leaving the bride and groom with a world of stress and frustration.

How I Can Learn More?

We will be at the 2018 Wedding Show!

Held on Sunday, January 21st from Noon to 4 PM at the Delta Hotels By Marriott in Fargo, the wedding show is an opportunity for brides and grooms to connect with vendors, dress shops, djs, venues, and more.

To learn more about the Wedding Show, visit

And of course, you can contact us anytime to discuss your wedding needs.

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