Long-Term Care Insurance

Bathing, eating and getting dressed are everyday activities that most people take for granted. However, for individuals who are older, dealing with medical problems or who are otherwise impaired, these basic activities often become impossible to carry out without assistance.


If you or a loved one are facing this situation, long-term care insurance could offer a helpful solution that helps make your life easier without the possibility of going bankrupt in the process. Do you worry about being a burden to your family in your twilight years? Don’t want to end up in a nursing home? Is spending all of your savings on long-term care a real possibility?


What follows is information about long-term care insurance, what it covers and how much you have to spend to secure this type of policy.

What is long-term care insurance?

Long-term care insurance is a type of insurance that helps individuals who require assistance with activities of daily living. The policy covers a portion or all of the costs associated with getting the services they need, which include assistance with:



Getting dressed

Using the bathroom

General mobility

Grocery shopping

Meal preparation

Paying bills

House cleaning

Long-term care services generally fall under two main categories:

Personal Care

Also known as custodial care, personal care services involve getting daily assistance from a caregiver or attendant in your home or a facility.

Skilled Care

Skilled care is long-term care service received from doctors, therapists, nurses and other medical professionals and is usually given in a medical facility setting.

There are specific groups that benefit the most from having long-term care insurance.


  • Seniors over the age of 65.

  • Individuals with disabilities.

  • People with chronic health conditions.

  • People who live alone and have no support.


If you or your loved one falls into any of these groups, it’s important for you to secure a long-term care insurance policy that has the right coverage options for your needs.

What does long-term care insurance cover?

Long-term care insurance offers a wide range of coverage options to suit your changing needs. These options include but are not limited to the following:


  • Assisted Living

    – One of the best methods that someone with long-term care needs can use to continue to live somewhat independently is by becoming a resident at an assisted living facility. Designed to mimic living in regular apartment homes, assisted living comes with the added benefit of having long-term care services offered as part of the package. All of these benefits are covered by a long-term care insurance policy.


  • Nursing Home Care

    – For more intensive long-term care needs, your insurance helps to cover the cost of living in a nursing home where you receive around-the-clock care from skilled health professionals and get the opportunity to participate in daily social activities.


  • Home Modification

    – If you or a loved one become disabled but are able to stay in your home, your insurance will cover the cost of making the modifications that make living there more comfortable and convenient. These modifications may include adding wheelchair ramps, lowering counter tops and making doorways wider, among many other changes.


  • Adult Day Care

    – For elderly individuals who are able to move around on their own and require less intensive long-term care, insurance pays for day care services. These facilities provide the psychological benefit of regular socializing along with basic health care and personal assistance.


  • At Home Care

    – If you or your loved one wants to stay at home but needs the help of someone to carry out daily activities, your long-term insurance covers the cost of your in-home care by a nurse, caregivers or personal aide.


  • Rehabilitation Care

    – If you have special treatment needs or a disability that requires regular physical rehabilitation sessions with a medical specialist, your insurance helps to pay for these costs whether the rehab takes place in your home or in a long-term care facility.


  • Alzheimer’s Special Care Facilities

    – For individuals who suffer with cognitive issues due to Alzheimer’s, your long-term care insurance pays for treatment in a specialized facility.


To get the ideal long-term care insurance plan for your unique situation, consult with an experienced agent to create a policy with all of the coverage options you need.

How much does long term care insurance cost?

Long-term care is very expensive. Monthly costs can quickly rise to thousands of dollars depending on the scope of the care required.


The costs of a good policy can also vary widely and your insurance will pay anywhere from fifty to several hundred dollars per day depending on the coverages and insurance package you get.


Medicare and Medicaid usually pay for a portion of certain types of long-term care services. However, to get full coverage and more options you should always secure your own long-term care insurance policy no matter which primary medical insurance you have.


As you look for the right policy for your needs, it’s important to find out how much the costs of long-term care in your area are, as well as consider the type and scope of care you or your loved one will need. This helps to get a more accurate estimate of how much coverage you need and to determine how much your premium payments will be.


This process can be very time intensive and confusing, so consult with a well-qualified insurance agent to make sure you get the best coverage possible while not paying more than you have to.

Long-term care you can count on

Even if you are young, healthy and take great care of yourself, aging is a reality. If you live long enough, chances are that you will need to use long-term care services at some point. It is important to find out your options and not wait until it’s too late to secure a good policy.


Do you want to protect your future and have greater peace of mind when the time comes and you need hands on assistance with your daily life? Call Ihry Insurance today and speak with one of our knowledgeable agents about a long-term care insurance policy and to get a free quote.

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