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April 2022

Summer is right around the corner—and that means it’s time to take the boat out of winter storage. Although there will always be risks, some marine losses can be avoided if boat owners…

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March 2022

Many farms are not aware that they are likely to be eligible for crop insurance. According to Fb.org, crop insurance is available in all 50 states for over 120 crops for farms of all sizes….

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January 2022

Many farms are not aware that they are likely to be eligible for crop insurance. According to Fb.org, crop insurance is available in all 50 states for over 120 crops for farms of all sizes….

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December 2021

Many of us take Christmas tree traditions very seriously. It is no wonder that trees are the centerpiece of our holidays and add a touch of magic and warmth all season long. For many, December brings wonder, anticipation, and joy….

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November 2021

Let’s admit it, summer is definitely the most cheery season of the year. That warm, sunny weather boosts our mood and allows us to go on adventures wrapped in the warmth of the sun….

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September 2021

The IT system just crashed. What happened to bring the system down? Regardless of why, there needs to be a process in place to get this important data back with minimal business disruption. It’s time to shine a light on one of IT’s most fundamental availability processes, backups….

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August 2021

For 75 years, the yellow school bus has helped students from home to school and back again. Students are nearly seven times safer riding the bus than traveling by car according to research by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)….

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June 2021

4th of July is a wonderful time for family, friends, fun, freedom, and fireworks. But, outdoor grills, pyrotechnics, and unattended homes can also create dangerous situations. This week, we are sharing various safety tips to ensure your Independence Day is both fun and safe. Part 4 is focused on grill safety…

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May 2021

There’s perhaps no organizing task more daunting than the garage—it’s often the dumping ground for the stuff that has no other place in the house, or the things you don’t use but just can’t bring yourself to toss…

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April 2021

The cost of motorcycle insurance varies widely and depends on a number of factors. Generally speaking, motorcycle insurance costs tend to be higher for younger drivers and those driving a sports bike. However, each rider has unique circumstances that may influence the cost of motorcycle coverage for them. Read on to learn more about some of the factors that go into motorcycle insurance costs….

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March 2021

Welcome back! In our first blog of this four-part series, Preparing to Move, we settled our various accounts and prepared our home and finances for the impending move.
Now that we have everything in check, let’s work through the packing process together….

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February 2021

We get it: Life insurance can be complicated. It’s further complicated by the fact that everyone’s situation is different. So, it’s a good idea to contact your tax professional/financial consultant for specific advice about your situation. But, for the more general issues, we hope to help guide you through the winding paths of the tax implications of life insurance…

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January 2021

Whether you’re moving into a smaller home or simply want to eliminate some of the items you’ve accumulated over the years, it’s hard to pare down a lifetime of belongings. People have emotional attachments to objects — particularly when it comes to the memories associated with each item……

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December 2020

If you live in a climate with snowy winters, you’ll most likely be putting your motorcycle away for the season. Your bike is an investment of your finances and your time, and it’s important to think about keeping it clean and safe while the weather is cold and snowy…..

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November 2020

The holidays don’t have to be a time to upset the budget you’ve stuck to—maybe not by choice—all year. It’s possible (and relatively pain free, actually) to emerge from the holiday season without a pile of new debt, even if you haven’t been planning for it all year long….

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October 2020

When the air feels crisper, the leaves start changing and the pumpkin spice products make their reappearance in stores … you know the best time of the year has arrived: fall!…

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September 2020

Everyone knows “that guy” that you wouldn’t trust behind the wheel of your car, even for a matter of life and death. For the truly unfortunate, “that guy” is a member of your household, and looks not only to your vehicles as a source of transportation but also to your auto insurance as a source for coverage…

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August 2020

As school starts this fall, parents may be wondering: What should we do when the kids come home each day? COVID-19 shut the school doors early this spring and sent children and teachers online. Now as schools open with new precautions to keep students and staff safe, there are a few simple things to keep in mind on the homefront, too, said Avish Nagpal, M.D., an infectious disease specialist at Sanford Health….

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July 2020

If you hear the phrase “estate planning” and immediately tune out, you’re not alone. An estate plan is not only for the wealthy who own an actual estate, complete with manicured lawns and a mansion…

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June 2020

To people who see motorcycle riding as purely an adrenaline rush for thrill-seekers, the idea of riding for your mental health can seem confusing. In the eyes of the uninitiated, motorcycle therapy seems to be an oxymoron…

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May 2020

With college tuition skyrocketing, many families question whether it’s possible to help their kids get an education without wrecking the family finances or endangering otIf you have been wanting to start a garden, now is the time! The long, sunny days are a great source of energy for plants, making summer the perfect season to start growing flowers…

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April 2020

With college tuition skyrocketing, many families question whether it’s possible to help their kids get an education without wrecking the family finances or endangering other long-term financial goals…

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March 2020

Easter egg decorating draws on traditions from around the world. Here are five simple ways to be inspired by traditional Easter egg decorating and bring Easter into your home…

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February 2020

Vacations are for reducing stress, not adding to it. Unfortunately, things can happen to make any vacation a stressful experience, no matter how beautiful the locale or destination…

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January 2020

Cyber hacking has become a normal part of life, and it’s part of the risk people take to enjoy the information, entertainment, and connectedness of social media. Everyone that uses social media, and by extension, the internet, e-commerce, and email, dreads the idea of having their accounts hacked, and their personal information compromised…

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2020 Spring MPCI Update Meeting Info

Featuring motivational speaker Bob “Mr. Attitude” Prentice Start your new year off with positivity and humor and join us for Bob’s presentation … “Wake Up Your Potential!” Learn, discover and hear about ways to enhance your life with greater happiness and success.

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December 2019

When it comes to winter, we tend to obsess about snow, ice and cold. But what about all the road salt and sand that come with these often nasty elements? Yes, we appreciate that they serve in the interest of public safety—the rock salt helps melt ice even if it’s freezing, and the sand keeps salt in place…

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November 2019

Nobody really enjoys traveling during the holidays, do they? OK, you might if you’re going on vacation, or you’re visiting family in Hawaii or something…

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October 2019

Rideshare. It’s a wildly popular and relatively new industry that’s changing the way we think about transportation. Millions of people have become rideshare drivers, and even more….

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September 2019

Buying renters insurance to protect your stuff may seem like an unnecessary expense, until you experience a theft or fire in your rented home or apartment and lose some of your most treasured possessions forever…

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August 2019

A DUI’s effect on auto premium could be as high as a 250% increase or as low as 37%. The difference depends on the state. Aside from the physical and emotional cost of a DUI or DWI, driving under the influence could wind up costing up to $20,000 in legal fees…

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July 2019

The paid benefit can be used for any needs, not just high deductibles. That’s one reason many employee benefits plans are adding group critical illness insurance.

.…Read more

June 2019

Happy Independence Day! Foremost® hopes you are enjoying your holiday break in the sunshine with your family and friends. If you are planning

a cookout at your house this Fourth of July.…Read more

May 2019

Almost all business success stories start off small. That means if you have a budding small business idea worth pursuing, you shouldn’t be afraid to begin by setting up shop at home.…Read more

April 2019

April is tax season, so a lot of people are thinking about their finances these days. But if you’re like most people, you’re probably thinking in the short term: What’s my refund going to be—or how much do I owe? And what is that going to do to my monthly budget?…Read more

March 2019

The use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), or drones, in agriculture is growing. A recent study by Munich Re America indicated that 74% of U.S. farmers are currently using or considering adopting the technology…Read more

February 2019

Many of us look forward to winter – the gatherings with friends and family, marveling at the fresh snow and then playing in it, watching cheesy holiday movies. But for some people, the long hours of darkness…Read more

January 2019

Every year, without fail, flu season hits. While the influenza virus poses high health risks for individuals, an outbreak at the office can also affect business operations. All it takes is one employee and one sneeze to put others at risk and spread the virus…Read more

December 2018

You get annual medical checkups and biannual dental checkups. At work, you receive an annual performance review. Why not give your finances the same kind of “primary care?”…Read more

November 2018

There are few things, during the winter months, more terrifying and frustrating than driving on snow and ice. And whether it’s your first or 50th experience with winter driving season, the nerves are all the same…Read more

October 2018

While recent credit card tech, such as EMV chips, promises to make some payments safer, most fraud experts predict credit card fraud will remain a growing problem for years to come.…Read more

September 2018

The sweet taste of victory. Your offer was accepted and you’re going to be a homeowner! Go ahead, share the big news and celebrate this milestone. But once the confetti has settled, remember it’s time to move on to the next step in the home buying process: the home inspection…Read more

August 2018

Fall lawn care is an important element of your overall lawn care schedule. While it helps maintain your lawn’s health through the fall months, it serves an even more important function: it prepares your lawn for winter survival and preemptively prepares for spring revival…Read more

July 2018

Statistically, new drivers are among the most dangerous on the road, racking up tickets and accidents at rates several times the rate of the average driver. This reality makes choosing the right insurance policy crucial to your financial stability…Read more

June 2018

In today’s competitive job market, company culture is definitely a new currency. Beyond a good salary, people seek work experiences that offer more human connections and better reflect their personal values. It’s a tall order — so how can companies deliver? Here are three ways companies are creating healthy, vibrant work cultures that better engage their employees and impact the organization…Read more

May 2018

Farming is a highly stressful way of life. Each day is met with financial risk, an unforgiving mother nature, strenuous workloads, and volatile markets. Although this may be an obvious observation, most of those in the non-farming community don’t realize the effect this stress has on a farmer and his/her family…Read more

April 2018

What’s your Wi-Fi password? – possibly the most common first question asked in any public place. Whether we are updating your social media accounts or checking your bank account, most of us demand constant connection to the Internet. And we will do whatever we can to maintain this connection…Read more

March 2018

Life is stressful. Nagging issues around the home don’t help. Clogged drains? Door hinges are aggressively squeaky? Water constantly leaking from a toilet’s tank to bowl? These common household issues plant themselves in your mind and negatively affect your daily mood…Read more

February 2018

Trough years of daily work commutes, road trips, and driving your kids around town, your tires are no stranger to a life of wear and tear. Even with advancements in tire technology and material, tires are not eternally resilient…Read more

January 2018

With the average wedding cost well into the 5 fgure realm, it’s worth protecting yourself from the unpredictable nature of the wedding industry and the big day itself. Trough our many years of providing couples with wedding insurance, we have seen a wide variety of unfortunate circumstances, including…Read more

December 2017

As Midwesterners, driving during a winter storm is inevitable. But regardless of how many storms we drive in, it never gets any safer. With many of us traveling all around the country this winter, let’s take a quick lesson on how to safely drive during a winter storm…Read more

November 2017

Nothing strains the eyes, and the soul, like a dingy, out-dated kitchen. As one, if not, the favorite rooms in any home, an updated kitchen can completely transform life at home. Unfortunately, the average cost of a major kitchen remodel ranges from $10,000 to $20,000. Uff-da.…Read more

October 2017

While stocking up on sugary sweets is a top priority for little tykes this time of year, Halloween fire safety should be at the top of your list to keep everyone’s experience fun and enjoyable.…Read more

September 2017

At Ihry Insurance, we love nothing more than conversing with those in our communities. Through these talks, we have discovered that one of the most common, and laziest, mistakes renters make is neglecting to protect themselves, and their belongings, with renters insurance.…Read more

August 2017

Your friends and family will judge you on your pro-renting or pro-buying stance, and you will quickly feel the pressure to settle into a humble abode. What most don’t see, nor understand, is the ocean of grey area between buying and renting. Before deciding whether or not you should purchase a home or remain a renter, let’s shed some light on this grey ocean, as well as the objectivity on either side of the renting vs buying debate…Read more

July 2017

According to the American Cancer Society, more than 3.5 million cases of skin cancer are diagnosed each year and those rates are on the rise. That’s why it’s more important than ever to take precautions like these to protect your skin from the sun…Read more

June 2017

After Erin Kerr, an elementary school teacher in Bend, Oregon, dislocated her shoulder on a weekend mountain bike ride last April, she assumed she’d be back to work the following Monday. But a visit with her doctor confirmed otherwise.…Read more

May 2017

Memorial Day driving (or any trip) is going to cost some amount of money, whatever you decide to do. Taking the time (and finding the time) to plan a couple extra steps will save you big money in the long run…Read more

April 2017

In car accidents both severe and less so, the vehicle(s) involved may be deemed damaged beyond repair. This is when your insurance agent calls with the unfortunate news that your vehicle has been declared a total loss. But, what happens between the accident and that phone call to determine whether a vehicle’s next stop is the repair shop or the junk yard?…Read more

March 2017

Backyard entertaining has gotten more elaborate in recent years. Fire pits are helping homeowners extend the backyard season, and today’s playsets involve more than a simple set of swings and a slide. Whether backyard entertaining means spending time by the swimming pool or gathered around the grill, here are some safety tips to help keep your oasis fun and free of danger.…Read more

February 2017

Running a small business can be demanding, and you’ve probably found yourself working late into the night on more than one occasion or unable to sleep due to the stresses of the day. If so, you’re not alone. More than one-third of American adults are sleep-deprived.…Read more

January 2017

Smart companies put a lot of effort into creating a workplace culture that supports wellbeing, innovation and creativity — a culture that enables each team member to bring their A-game. Unfortunately, all of that effort can be undermined if company leaders fail to walk the walk. Mixed messages can cause confusion, mistrust and a lack of motivation…Read more

December 2016

There’s something uniquely exhilarating about snowmobiling. The excitement of speeding through snowy landscapes makes the freezing cold winter weather barely noticeable. All that matters is the powerful machine that roars beneath you and the wildly fierce rush of adrenaline within you…Read more

November 2016

For some people, the winter months bring continued sunshine, dry walking surfaces and clear roadways, but for many it’s a time of year that brings cloudy days, fractured bones and vehicle accidents. Simply put, winter produces beautiful snowcapped scenery, but also potentially hazardous living conditions.…Read more

October 2016

The annual apparition of spooky skeletons, broomstick-riding witches and carved pumpkins is a sure sign fall is well under way. Second only to Christmas in terms of how much consumers spend on decorations, Americans of all ages seem to love celebrating Halloween.…Read more

September 2016

Want to know more about wedding insurance? Not sure which coverage options are available and which ones to include? Wondering if wedding insurance coverage costs a small fortune? What follows is information about wedding insurance, how you can use it to protect yourself from loss on the day of your nuptials and how much it costs.…Read more

August 2016

The new school year is approaching fast, and soon many kids will be relying on school buses to get to class. Fortunately, school buses are one of the safest forms of transportation for traveling to and from school (Safe Kids Worldwide). So though the everyday routine may not be as exciting as taking a ride on The Magic School Bus, students know they can rely on school bus drivers to get them to class both on time and safely…….…Read more

July 2016

Camping has become more than just relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors. As we venture out into the wilderness (Discover The Forest – Best resource for finding nearby campgrounds & parks), it is essential that we impress the ones around us with MacGyver type survival skills. These camping hacks will not only impress, but will make your camping experience, and those to come, far more enjoyable and memorable…..…Read more

June 2016

It’s tornado season for much of the country, with April, May and June being the most active months for tornadoes, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Climatic Data Center….…Read more

May 2016

Dog bites (and other dog-related injuries) accounted for more than one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claim dollars paid out in 2015, costing in excess of $570 million, according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.) and State Farm®, the largest writer of homeowners insurance in the United States……Read more

April 2016

If you operate an agribusiness, one of the most important times of the year is when you enter the new crop season. The initial planning and planting of your crops sets the pace for how the rest of the year turns out for the crop harvest and your end of year profitability….…Read more

March 2016

If you have posted a job opening recently, you may have experienced a common scenario: both a flurry of applications and a shortage of candidates who have the basic qualifications that the position requires. Hiring managers report receiving dozens, or even hundreds, of applications for advertised positions, which presents a time-consuming challenge for companies seeking to grow and acquire the right talent……Read more

February 2016

Do you have flood insurance? Ever wonder if you actually need it? When you think of a flood, do you imagine heavy rain and a torrent of water rushing by, tossing tons of debris around and destroying everything in its path?…Read more

December 2015

You probably carry your smartphone even as you move about your home, so of course you’re going to take it with you when you travel. And, you should. The ever-expanding capabilities of these devices make them invaluable resources on the go.…Read more

November 2015

Here’s an idea to spur long-term care planning: Putting on a suit that makes you feel old before your time. Genworth Financial has released what it claims is a first-of-its-kind, age-simulation suit designed to help people feel what it’s like to suffer from ailments typically associated with aging and longevity.…Read more

Winter 2015

Driving in bad weather is a major cause of accidents. When you are driving, particularly on a long trip, make sure to stay tuned to radio reports about weather conditions. If you hear that an ice storm, hurricane, tornado, flood, hail, or other severe weather is expected on the route you are taking or at your intended destination, change your travel plans. Whatever reason you have for going where you are going cannot be as important as saving your life. …Read more

Summer 2015

Two years after the VORTEX2 project ended, Brown and Giammanco are embarking on another groundbreaking endeavor to go inside hailstorms in an effort to reduce or eliminate hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage reported annually across the United States. …Read more

Spring 2015

The Agricultural Act of 2014, also known as the 2014 United States Farm Bill, is the principal policy tool for food and agricultural programs in the country. It is updated every five years and deals with agricultural issues, such as crop insurance. After the Farm Bill was enacted last year, there have been changes made to the federal crop insurance programs. There are two options for federal crop insurance, Agriculture Risk Coverage (ARC) and Price Loss Coverage (PLC). …Read more

Fall 2014

Flooding and water damage are ugly property losses. Water and related humidity ruins hardwood and laminate floors, pictures and paper products, sheet rock, plaster and paneling. Windows sweat and swell. Warping, mold and rot set in. Most losses are avoidable. Here are a few early preventive measures that you can look for on your new risk or maybe your current clients need to know. Leaky toilets are the most common sources of water leaks. The tank or stool seal may leak. Check the shut off valve for signs of leaking. …Read more