Adding Your Teen to Your Car Insurance Policy

Adding Your Teen to Your Car Insurance Policy

13:22 18 July in Insurance

As if your teenager’s journey into the world of driving isn’t stressful enough, protecting yourselves, financially, from potential damage and injury is the cherry on top.

Statistically, new drivers are among the most dangerous on the road, racking up tickets and accidents at rates several times the rate of the average driver. This reality makes choosing the right insurance policy crucial to your financial stability. 

So, what is the best insurance policy? And yes, insuring your teen driver is required.

The answer: adding your teen to YOUR car insurance policy.

Benefits of Adding Your Teenage Driver To Your Policy

While you could exclude your teenageer from your policy and avoid the additional premium charges, any claims caused by your teenager is not covered. Additionally, your teenager could insure their own care, but you would still be required to cosign on the policy.

However, It is almost always cheaper, and more advantageous, for you to add your teenage driver to your insurance policy.

  • Car sharing. If your teen drives your car, and vice versa, you’ll be covered. All covered drivers have access to all vehicles on the policy.
  • Convenience. Ensures you are able to add, change, and update your teenage driver’s policy options, at any point.
  • Multi-car discount. If your teenager has their own vehicle, the expense of insuring the additional driver can be offset by a multi car discount.
  • Good student discount. When a student is added to your policy, they are provided the opportunity to lower your premiums with good grades.
  • Clean driving discount. A clean driving record = lower costs.


Coverage Scenarios

Your teenager drives your car and damages it.

If you added comprehensive or collision for your car, which we always encourage and recommend, you’ll just have to pay the deductible.


You drive your teenager’s car and damage it.

 As stated above, if comprehensive and collision were added, you will be covered.

Your teenager drives your car and hits someone else.

Any damages or injuries your teenage driver causes are covered by bodily injury and property damage liability. This coverage is standard in all policies and extends to all drivers on the policy, no matter what car they’re driving.

You drive your teenager’s car and you hit someone else.

Same terms, as above, apply.


Tips For Eliminated Distracted Driving

Nearly all cases of teenage driving accidents are caused by distractions. Here are some tips on making sure your teenage driver is eliminating these distractions.

  1. While your teen isn’t likely to turn their phone off completely, teach them to place the phone in an area of the car they can’t reach.
  2. If phone use is needed, pull over to a safe location.
  3. If listening to music, choose a playlist and stick with it.
  4. Eat before driving. You’d be amazed at the number of accidents caused by dropped ingredients.
  5. If driving is required during times of sleepiness and tiredness, listen to your music a little louder (not too much), pump cooler air through your vents, and chew on gum.


How Do I Add My Teenage Driver To My Car Insurance? 

Give your Ihry agent a call or contact our team anytime. We will get your teen setup quickly and easily.

Let’s take a dive into the benefits of ‘going local’ for your insurance.