6 of North Dakota’s Coolest AirBnb Cabins

6 of North Dakota’s Coolest AirBnb Cabins

11:32 27 June in Personal

AirBnb is a way for people to rent out their own homes or properties to travelers. It offers a more interesting experience than traditional hotels and has a large price range depending on what sort of property you are looking for. Usually when people think of services like these they assume they mostly only exist in larger cities. North Dakota and some of its surrounding areas offer some crazy, cool and unique properties to provide a catalyst for your next adventure.

  1. Cannonball Cottage (Mott, N.D)

Cannonball Cottage

This bright cottage located in Mott, N.D. offers a completely unique cabin experience, featuring a colorful interior and a classic exterior.

  1. New Town Cabin Close to Lake (New Town, N.D.)

New Town Cabin

Rustic and comfortable this classic cabin is located remotely as well as within driving distance of Lake Sakakawea and the New Town Casino.

  1. The Villa (Medora, N.D.)

The Villa

This elegant cabin is located near everything you could want to experience in Medora. Family activities, Theodore Roosevelt State Park and the Bully Pulpit Golf Course are close by.

  1. Historic Church Refurbished into A House (Dell Rapids, S.D.)

Historic Church Dell Rapids
Made of quarry rocks and history, this unique property offers a truly unforgettable night in a refurbished church. Don’t be fooled by it’s old exterior, this property features modern amenities such as a jetted tub, a disco ball and a television.

  1. Canadian Eco Cabins (Clearwater, MB)

Eco Cabin
These three cabins are nestled on a small farm in the stunning Pembina River Valley. They were each designed by architecture students and built largely from reclaimed lumber by droves of volunteers.

  1. Micro Cabin in Pheasant Country (Mansfield, S.D.)

Micro Cabin
This incredible, clean cabin is located in remote South Dakota and promises a peaceful experience in a minimal amount of space.


These are just a few of the amazing options AirBnb offers the North Dakota area. When traveling through the area this summer, don’t discount original experiences. Instead of staying in your typical lodging space, experience something new.