5 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Everyday Life

5 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Everyday Life

10:21 19 March in Insurance

We could all use a little help when it comes to improving our daily lives. Whether we wish our brains could operate a little sharper, we could get a grip on our spending habits, or we could cook more home meals, making these changes are easier said than done.

While many believe minimizing the use of your mobile devices should be something to strive for in your daily life, we believe it’s how you use them that determines whether or not they are a detriment. Rather than spending your time diving deep into someone’s Facebook account or online shopping, use the technology in front of you for self-improvement. After all, that is technologies intended purpose.

Let’s explore 5 mobile apps to improve your everyday life. While you may not find use in all 7, it’s likely you put a few to good use.

Mint (Personal Finance)

Over the past few years, Mint has continually been voted the best personal finance app.

Why? Because Mint focuses on the big picture.

From net worth to single credit card transactions, Mint gives you insight into, and control of, your entire financial life. It keeps you free, up-to-date credit scores, aids you in properly budgeting your money, notifies you about upcoming bills, allows for automatic bill payments (all your monthly bills in one place), and allows for goal setting and tracking (i.e. saving for a new home or paying off a credit card). It even provides investing recommendations and guidance.

The best part? It’s free and automated.

Get it: iOS, Android

Elevate (Brain Training)

We get it, you love to crush candy. But is it really doing you any good in the mind department?

Selected by Apple as 2017’s App of the Year, Elevate is designed to improve focus, memory, processing speed, math skills, and other important cognitive skills.

With detailed performance tracking, personalized daily workouts, difficulty progression, and ‘workout’ calendar, Elevate keeps you accountable and motivates you to give your mind the daily workout it needs.

With an initial free trial, Elevate is very reasonably prices when compared to other cognitive improvement apps. A yearly membership only runs you $39.99, or monthly at $4.99.

Get it: iOS, Android

Khan Academy (General Knowledge)

For the hyper-curious and those who want never want to stop learning, Khan Academy allows you to learn almost everything. For free.

With thousands of videos, tests, interactive exercises, and in-depth articles, educate yourself in the worlds of science, math, economics, history, computer science, art, and more. Your learning experience syncs to your phone or tablet, so you can always pick up right where you left off.

Get it: iOS, Android

Yummly (Recipes + Shopping List)

User experience at its finest. The 1,000,000+ recipes from top sites like AllRecipes, Epicurious, Food52, as well as smaller niche blogs is the least impressive aspect of Yummly.

All residing within a beautifully designed, user-friendly application, Yummly provides recipes based on preferences, locations, allergies, etc. With tutorial videos, reviews, easy-to-follow recipes, your own recipe book curation, and the ability to add recipe items right to your personal shopping list, Yummly is the best cooking and recipe app on the market.

Don’t have the necessary tools to cook a recipe you are interested in? Yummly allows you to order items directly from the app.

Get it: iOS, Android

Dark Sky (Weather)

Often referred to as the wizard of apps, the Dark Sky app is freaky good at predicting the weather. Along with providing your standard weather forecast, Dark Sky provides hyperlocal minute-by-minute forecasts, notifications, and alerts. You will know exactly when certain weather conditions are arriving and ending.

Out mowing the lawn, riding around the lake on your pontoon, or headed on a winter trip? Dark Sky will alert you of an impending rain, snow, or storms and exactly when they will hit.

Get it: iOS, Android

The conclusion: Phones and tablets aren’t your enemy. If used appropriately and for self-improvement, they can truly change your everyday life for the better.