5 Easy Fixes To 5 Common Household Issues

5 Easy Fixes To 5 Common Household Issues

10:00 27 February in Insurance

Life is stressful. Nagging issues around the home don’t help. Clogged drains? Door hinges are aggressively squeaky? Water constantly leaking from a toilet’s tank to bowl? These common household issues plant themselves in your mind and negatively affect your daily mood.

Luckily, there are easy, DIY fixes to these common, yet annoying, household issues. Moreover, these fixes will save you time and money. No need to deal with local contractors and repair services. Just a little ambition and go-getter attitude.

Clogged Drain

We’ve all stood over a sink and stared at the pool of water unapologetically drain at a snail’s pace. For some of us, this water never finds its way down. Before calling a plumber to come unclog whatever lives in your pipes, follow these steps:

  1. Do yourself a favor and spend a couple bucks on a drain stick. These plastic sticks can work wonders. Simply snake the stick down your drain and retrieve the clog.
  2. Regardless of what the drain stick retrieves, grab the baking powder and vinegar.
  3. Pour 1 cup of baking powder, followed by a cup of vinegar. This is a far cheaper solution than buying a liquid declogger.
  4. Close the drain and let chemistry take over for 10 minutes. *If water isn’t draining, still conduct these steps sans the closing of the drain.
  5. Repeat steps if necessary.

Loose Toilet Seat

Stop living in fear of what will happen when you sit down on your toilet. One of the most common nuances with our homes is a loose toilet seat. Fix the issue once and for all.

Tools needed: A toilet-seat tightening kit – found in the plumbing section of any home improvement store

  1. Remove the hinge-bolt covers from the toilet seat.
  2. Loosen and remove the nut that is holding the hinge bolt in place. Leave the hinge bolts in place.
  3. Slide a washer from the toilet-seat tightening kit onto the hinge bolt, underneath the toilet. Slide it up the bolt so it’s wedged tightly into the underside of the hinge-bolt hole.
  4. Replace the hinge-bolt nut and tighten it into place. Replace the hinge-bolt cover.
  5. Repeat the process on the other side.

The Toilet That Doesn’t Quit

One of the most annoying household issues is a toilet whose water continually runs from tank to bowl. The culprit? The flapper – the round, rubber stopper that sits and the bottom of the bowl and is attached to a chain. Whether mineral deposits or warping has caused the flapper to not function properly, it may be time for a replacement.

  1. Turn off water to toilet.
  2. Flush the toilet to remove as much water as possible
  3. Make sure the chain is long enough to allow the flapper to apply proper suction.
  4. If chain is long enough, remove the flapper and replace it with an identical model.

Worn Garage Door Insulation Strip

While the primary issue of a worn out insulation strip is the free flow of cold air and water, a loud bang on the closing of your door is a close second.   

Lucky for you, these insulation strips can easily be replaced yourself. Simply remove the worn out insulation, slide the new roll of rubber insulations through the tracks, and relish in the silence.  

Tip: Make sure to purchase a strip long enough to extend at least an inch off each side of the door. Insulation strips shrink over time.

Silence Squeaky Doors

The amount of times I’ve awoken my baby because of a squeaky door is too many for a parent to handle. The fix? Lubricant. After countless opens and closes, your door’s hinges begin to dry out. A little lubrication is all they need.

  1. Close the door and tap the hinge pins loose, from the bottom, with a hammer and nail.
  2. Liberally apply petroleum jelly, not WD-40, to each pin. WD-40 is not a true lubricant.
  3. Reinsert pins.

Tip: Do one pin at a time.

These 5 fixes to 5 common household issues should be enough to empower and remove unwanted stress from your life.