2018 Fall Marketing Update Meeting

Farmers are true providers. And not just of the crops they grow, but of lessons on hard work, selflessness, family, and perseverance.


With the majority of our team members coming from farming backgrounds, we feel it it is our duty to provide you, the farmers in our region, with the most transparent and beneficial farming insights possible. Your success is our success.

Meeting Information:

Date: Wednesday August 29th at 4:30 pm & BBQ will follow

Location: Hillsboro, ND – 1 mile west on County 11 North and 162 Avenue SE (signs will be posted)

Attendees will:


  • Review the 2018 market forecast
  • Learn about potential marketing strategies geared toward protecting your revenue and preserving your equity

Guest Speakers:


  • Rich Morrison, Senior Risk Analyst, Diversified Services Marketing Group
  • Mike Gauer, Regional Manager, Diversified Crop Insurance Services
  • Daryl Ritchison, Interim Director, NDAWN

To learn more, call 1-800-726-7926 or visit ihryins.com